Kyle Dutcher Net Worth: A Famous Entertainer

Kyle Dutcher is a multitalented professional who has made his name as a roller skater and entertainer. He made his fans crazy with his excellent skills and charisma. He earns so much from his remarkable skills and investing his time in the entertainment industry.

Kyle Dutcher’s Net worth 

Kyle Dutcher earns so much from his unusual skills as a screen performer and actor. With their massive performances and hard work, he can own a giant net worth of $5 Million. He is a self-made man. This means he is an expert in roller skating and an entrepreneur. He established himself as a successful person with the help of so much hard work and struggle.


Real name Kyle Dutcher
Profession Professional Roller Skater and Movies Actor
Age 51 Years
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight78 kg
ParentsInfo not available
RelationshipAloni Smiley
Children’sNot Found

Early life

His childhood was so charming and full of joy. He enjoyed the pleasures of life with his friends. He had many stories full of fun in the presence of his Family. One thing about him is he was also so disciplined from his childhood and spent time with routine and timetable. He was fond of roller skaters from his childhood. With the help of family support and his childhood experiences, he became a star in this field.


Kyle Dutcher was good in Education. He completed his Graduation from a renowned university. Throughout his career, he achieved outstanding results from study. He was so hardworking in his studies from his childhood. But with the study activities, he always remembered to play roller skating with his group. Nobody had an idea he would be so famous in this field.


His career is entirely of hard work and struggles. He started his career as a roller skater in the 2000s when he was only 26. He was inspired by some people dancing in the group with Roller Skater. This brings him back to his childhood days. To see this, he began his career as a Roller Skater and developed his moves, which have lately become his signature moves. He earned the nickname “Push” in 2019, and his video with his group performing signature moves went viral. It became more viral when comedian and social media personality Tahir Moore reacted to this video. It makes this video more viral and makes him famous among millions of followers.

Professional Achievement 

With his increasing popularity, he achieved many opportunities to become more popular. He got to train many celebs like Usher, Sheri Shepherd, and Jermaine Dupri. 

With his unusual talent, he got a chance to work in movies as an actor. It was just like a significant achievement for him. He also worked for American Got Talent. He also got a chance to work on the first Apple iPod commercial.

Kyle Dutcher signed a contract with KXNGPXN Skating Alliance, a Talent Management Agency, in 2020.

Lately, he has become a member of the Silver Fox Squad.

He worked for brands like Nike, Ocean Spray, and many others.

Influence and Impact

Kyle Dutcher became influential for the young generation with their unique moves in Roller Skating. His fantastic skill inspires everyone, even the common public or celebrities. We can take the example of Tahir Moore, who was first inspired by his video and made it viral to the public. Many celebrities like Usher, Sherry Shepherd, and Jermaine Dupri are getting training from him. His outstanding performances impact the General public and celebrities. To see this influence on the public, he got a chance to perform in different movies.

Industry Contributions 

He has made an outstanding contribution to the industry, even as a Roller Skater or Actor. He begins with a fantastic talent and entertainer. His excellent skills impress everyone in the industry. In this way, he achieved success in a very short period. He got a lot of followers with his one viral video. Who has been posted by famous comedian and social media personality Tahir Moore? He worked for several movies and was also integrated with the Screen Actor Guild, INC. He worked for well-known brands like Nike, Apple, Ocean Spray, etc.

Community Engagement

The Engagement with the community of this guy is so unique. He worked with a group of his members. He has worked with his group, Skate Community, since the 2000s. Firstly, he became famous for his viral skating video with his group. With this video, he got millions of followers. So, he engaged with his community for a long time.

Media Presence

Media is the best way to give life to your presence. Celebrities always want to remain present in the media. It is a fantastic way to be more famous. Kyle Dutcher became a best Roller Skater and Entertainer with the help of his viral video on Social media. He always wanted to be a part of the media. He prefers to work with many brands like Nike, Apple, and Ocean Spray to make his presence in Media.


Kyle Dutcher interviews are so rare in counting. But he doesn’t want the media to enter his personal life. He is too shy to tell them about his personal life. Nobody even knows his parents’ and kids’ names. But he must share about his career struggles and the joys of childhood.

Social Media 

Like every celebrity, Kyle Dutcher is also active on many social media accounts. You can connect with him on some social media platform

Public Speaking

He is so active on every social media platform. He always tries to keep in touch with his fans by speaking with them on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Even you would find him on video calls with fans.

Personal Projects 

After a massive success in the industry, he also started his projects. Firstly, he developed his skater workshop in Atlanta. He also made his skater brand name Nostalgia. He also runs his YouTube channel @therealpush1515, where he continuously connects with his fans. 

Open Source

His love for his passion insists he invest something in skater project. He launched his Skater brand, Nostalgia, which will be popular in town. After that, he also found a workshop for Skater in Caroline.

Volunteer work

He worked as a volunteer for many charity shows. He freely works for them for charity. He also worked as a member of Silver Fox Squad.

Skills and Expertise

Nobody can deny his skills and expertise. His way of working and talent is amazing. He faced so many struggles to make him able to get this position. He is a Multi-Talented star. He is best known for his roller skating skills and has acted in several movies. He has excellent skills in Entertaining.

Technical Skills

He is also using technical platforms to connect with the audience. He connected with the audience using YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. He is maintaining these accounts very efficiently to reach the public heart. He has millions of followers worldwide who use his technical skills.


Leadership is a way to lead a group of people. He has been working as a group leader of his skater group from a very young age. He performed with his group for a very long time. He was very disciplined from childhood, making him the best for leadership.

Strategic Planning

Its strategic planning could be more precise to everyone. We know he is so committed to his work and doing impressive work to gain popularity. But one thing is clear about him: to see his struggle. He wants to be the best entertainer in the industry.

Professional Philosophy

The professional philosophy is Discipline and hard work. He was so disciplined and very possessive about his timetable from his childhood. He is so committed to his passion that it’s made him famous and successful.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Kyle Dutcher’s collaboration with his Members is not hidden from anyone. He has been working as a group from his childhood. He is a member of SCREEN ACTOR GUILD, INC. He is also an integral part of SilverFoxSquad. He also collaborates with KXNGPXN Skating Alliance, a talent management agency in Carolina.

Industry Partnerships

He is a proud member of SCREEN ACTOR GUILD, INC. With his incredible skills, he successfully established his place in the industry and brought many commercials from different brands like Nike, Apple, etc.

Academic Collaboration

He has been working with his group Members since the 2000s. His collaboration with them made him viral for the first time in the media in 2019. 

Future Outlook

This guy is not very interested in talking about his concerns. But to see this struggle, we can observe that he wants to be more favored by his outstanding talent and incredible skills. He would work for more movies and commercials.

Long-Term Goals

This guy’s goal is so precise with his increasing popularity and fame. We can assume what it will be like in 2030. He would be more famous for his skills and talent. His continuous social media appearance would make him more popular amongst the audience. He can get more opportunities as an actor in movies. 


Kyle Dutcher is well-known for his multi-talented skills in Roller Skating and acting. He is an outstanding Entertainer. He earns so much from his talents. His net worth is around $5 Million. He is living with three family members: two kids and a wife. He started his career in roller skating in the 2020s with his group and went viral in 2019 with the help of famous comedian and social media personality Tahir Moore. After that, he gained fame and followers around the world. It makes him so successful in the industry. He worked on several movies and got so much recognition in the audience.

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