Lil Yachty Net Worth: From Lil Boat to Big Bucks


Lil Yachty’s net worth has been a topic of interest for many, as the young rapper has quickly risen to prominence in the music industry. Known for his unique style and catchy tunes, Lil Yachty, also known as “Lil Boat,” has amassed a significant fortune quickly.

His story concerns determination, talent, and an understanding of the music industry. This article examines his financial journey, exploring how he went from a newcomer in the hip-hop world to a multi-millionaire.

We will delve into various aspects of his life, including his early years, personal life, professional strides, and key factors contributing to his impressive net worth. Join us as we chart the rise of Lil Yachty and discover how he sailed his way to financial success. Angelina Jordan gained prominent influence in the entertainment industry through her stardom and the fortune she made through his wealth.

Who is Lil Yachty?

Lil Yachty, born Miles Parks McCollum on August 23, 1997, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor who has significantly impacted the music industry. Known for his distinctive style and irreverent approach to music, Lil Yachty has carved out a unique niche for himself in hip-hop.

Full NameMiles Parks McCollum
Stage NameLil Yachty
Birth DateAugust 23, 1997
Age26 Years
Birth PlaceMableton, Georgia, U.S.A.
Height5 Feet 11 Inch
Weight73 Kg
GenresHip hop, Trap, Mumble Rap, Bubblegum Trap
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Active Years2015–present
LabelsQuality Control Music, Capitol Records, Motown
Associated ActsKyle, DRAM, Tee Grizzley, Young Thug, Migos
Early LifeI grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended Alabama State University before dropping out to pursue music.
BreakthroughRose to prominence in 2016 with his mixtape “Lil Boat” and the hit single “One Night.”
Notable Works“Lil Boat” (2016), “Teenage Emotions” (2017), “Lil Boat 2” (2018), “Nuthin’ 2 Prove” (2018), “Lil Boat 3” (2020)
Awards and NominationsHe was nominated for a Grammy Award for his work on the song “Broccoli” with DRAM.
Other VenturesHe is known for his unique fashion sense and has ventured into acting and fashion modeling.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, he rose to prominence with his 2016 hit “One Night” and has since released several successful albums, including ‘Teenage Emotions’ and ‘Lil Boat 2’. His innovative and genre-blurring style of music has earned him the title ‘King of the Teens.’

In addition to his music, Lil Yachty has also amassed a significant following on social media, with over 12 million followers on Instagram. Despite his young age, Lil Yachty has made a substantial mark on the music scene and continues to influence the hip-hop industry with his fresh and creative approach.

Early Life

Miles Parks McCollum, known as Lil Yachty, was born on August 23, 1997, in Mableton, Georgia. He was raised by his mother, a postal worker, and his father, a photographer. From an early age, he showed an interest in creative pursuits, often accompanying his father to photoshoots and developing a keen eye for aesthetics. 

Lil Yachty attended Pebblebrook High School, where he was involved in various activities outside of academics. He began exploring his passion for music and writing his songs during this time.

After high school, he moved to New York City, dreaming of making it big in the music industry. While in New York, he worked odd jobs and networked with people in the music scene, eventually leading to his breakthrough and kickstarted his career.

Educational Journey of Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty’s educational journey is as unique as his music. Born and raised in Mableton, Georgia, he attended Pebblebrook High School, known for its strong performing arts program. This environment likely contributed to his early interest in music and the arts.

After graduating from high school, Lil Yachty pursued his dreams of a music career rather than a traditional college education. He moved to New York City, where he adopted the name “Yachty” and began to network in the music industry.

While his path did not include higher formal education, it is clear that Lil Yachty’s educational journey was instrumental in shaping him into the artist he is today. His experiences in high school and beyond provided him with the tools and inspiration to create his unique brand of music, and his determination and self-belief have allowed him to achieve great success at a young age.

Personal Life

Lil Yachty, real name Miles Parks McCollum, has often kept his personal life relatively private. However, he has shared some aspects with his fans and the media. He was born and raised in Mableton, Georgia, to a family with creative inclinations – his father, Shannon McCollum, is a renowned photographer.

Despite his fame, Lil Yachty has maintained a grounded personality. He has been vocal about his love for fashion and has become known for his vibrant and unique style. He even collaborated with Nautica and Urban Outfitters for a limited-edition collection.

Regarding his romantic life, Lil Yachty keeps it mostly under wraps. He has occasionally posted pictures with females on his social media but has never publicly confirmed a relationship.

Lil Yachty is also known for his charitable work. He has been involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors, including a $50,000 donation to students attending historically black colleges and universities. JID rapper financial success is related to his consistent growth in the entertainment industry, like other singers.

Professional Life of Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty’s professional journey in the music industry has been meteoric. After moving to New York City, he gained recognition through SoundCloud with his debut singles “One Night” and “Minnesota” from his E.P.’ Summer Songs’.

In 2016, Yachty released his first ever mixtape, ‘Lil Boat,’ which further solidified his position in the music industry. That same year, he featured on the song “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M., which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

His first studio album, ‘Teenage Emotions,’ was released in 2017, followed by ‘Lil Boat 2’ in 2018 and ‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’ later that same year. His unique style, often described as “bubblegum trap,” has made him a distinctive voice in hip-hop.

Beyond music, Yachty has ventured into fashion and acting, even lending his voice to the animated film ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Age, Height, and Weight

Born on August 23, 1997, Miles Park’s McCollum, better known by his staging name Lil Yachty, is currently 26 years old as of current date. His youth has played a significant role in shaping his music and style, reflecting the voice of a new generation in the hip-hop landscape. His age has not hindered him from achieving considerable success in the music industry, proving that talent knows no bounds.

Standing at 5 feet 11 inches (180.3 cm), Lil Yachty is quite tall for an average person. His height has undoubtedly contributed to his imposing stage presence and charismatic persona, making him a stand-out figure in the music scene.

Weighing around 73 kg (160 lbs), Lil Yachty maintains a healthy and fit physique, which is crucial considering the physically demanding nature of his performances and tours. His weight reflects his commitment to staying in shape, adding to his overall image as a popular music icon.

Lil Yachty Net Worth

“Lil Yachty Net Worth” has been a topic of interest in recent times, reflecting the rapper’s financial success in the music industry. As of the current year, it is estimated that Lil Yachty, also known as Miles Parks McCollum, has a net worth of around $8 million. This figure represents a significant rise from previous years, demonstrating his continuous growth and success as an artist.

Lil Yachty’s wealth is primarily attributed to his successful career as a hip-hop recording artist. However, his earnings are not limited to music alone; he has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship and entertainment, contributing to his impressive net worth.

Despite the varying estimates of Lil Yachty’s net worth, one thing is clear: his financial accomplishments reflect his remarkable talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. At just 26 years old, Lil Yachty has already significantly impacted the music industry; his net worth is a testament to this. The Brazilian music sensation Anitta, known for her inspiring wealth, is due to her hard work and sensation.

Social Media Profiles

With his vibrant personality and unique music style, Lil Yachty has an active presence across various social media platforms. This allows him to connect directly with his fans, sharing updates about his music, personal life, and more.

Instagram: On Instagram account @lilyachty, Lil Yachty frequently shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his music production and snapshots of his daily life. His Instagram account reflects his artistic style and provides fans with a closer look at his creative process.

Facebook: His Facebook page, Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team, is a platform for promoting his new music releases, tour dates, and merchandise. It also allows his fan community to interact and share their enthusiasm for his work.

Twitter: On Twitter handle @lilyachty, Lil Yachty engages in conversations with his followers, often sharing personal thoughts and opinions.

TikTok: On the TikTok profile @lilyachty, the rapper shares fun and creative short videos, further showcasing his playful personality and engaging dynamically with a younger audience.


Lil Yachty Net Worth is an impressive testament to this young artist’s success in the competitive music industry. Despite being just 26 years old, Lil Yachty has managed to build a significant fortune, estimated at around $8 million. This wealth reflects his musical talent, strategic business ventures, and strong social media presence.

His social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, are crucial in his brand-building and fan engagement. They provide a window into his creative process, personal life, and unique personality.

With his distinctive sound and style, Lil Yachty has undoubtedly carved out a niche in hip-hop. His success story inspires emerging artists, demonstrating that age is no barrier to achieving immense success in music. Lil Yachty’s net worth, popularity, and influence solidify his standing as a powerful figure in contemporary music.

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