George Farmer Net Worth: How He Became a Success Bug?

George Farmer has been creating controversy in the Political and business realms. His wife, Candace Owens, also plays the secret behind his popularity. This blog post will teach you about George Farmer’s net worth, early life, and educational journey. 

Through this fantastic platform, you will also enhance your knowledge about George Farmer’s personal or professional life and the timeline of his net worth. 

Who is George Farmer?

George Farmer is a British businessman and the husband of Candance Owens. He was born in London on December 15, 1989, and belongs to the Farmer family, which is renowned for its metal business in the United Kingdom.   

The CEO of the Parlor App, “George Farmer,” is the son of a treasurer and a member of the House of the Lord. George is a participant in multiple business investments and ventures. He is an English person, an ex-Bullingdon club member, and a previous Turning Point UK chairman. Along with his wife, Candace Owens, he is a father of two kids. He resides in Tennessee with his child and wife.

Name George Farmer
ProfessionBritish Businessman 
Age34 years old
BirthplaceEngland London
WifeCandace Owens
Networth $240 million
Date of Birth15th Dec 1989

Early Life

George Farmer is a member of Britain’s Royal Farmer family and belongs to London, United Kingdom, which greatly affected his upbringing. As he was the oldest of his siblings, house-related and business affairs with his parents became his responsibility. 

George Famer’s parents’ successful journey inspired him as a child. Despite coming from a highly wealthy household, Farmer has shown remarkable intelligence and perseverance since he was a boy. These are the reasons that make him different from others.

He naturally loved to work hard, and because of his strong work ethic, he graduated from high school at the top of his class. George Farmer went on to college after that and graduated with a degree in business management. 

His past demonstrates an outstanding work ethic and a strong desire for achievement. This has benefited him financially and given him a well-regarded reputation in his industry.

Educational Journey of George Farmer

A complete person George Farmer from the UK, originates from a tricky upbringing in Britain. His father raised him in a harsh environment in a London slum. Despite all these challenges, He overcame all the adversities to gain notable success in his life. 

Lord Michael Farmer, his father, achieved appreciation in metal markets and was known in London as Mister Copper. He gained the chance to participate in St. Paul’s School, one of the most esteemed and oldest private schools, known for educating prominent wealthy British people since 1503. 

While at St. Paul’s School, George continued his education at the appealing Oxford University in Oxfordshire, England. Theology was studied by him at the university and gained first-class respect, the highest academic variation for an undergraduate student in the United Kingdom. 

He consumed himself in multiple money-making techniques, gaining remarkable knowledge and experience. This knowledge becomes the instrumental key to his successful career. 

Personal life 

George Farmer has a fulfilling personal life and successful business activities. He happily married Candace Owens, the renowned Republican political analyst. In 2019, the pair got married in front of their closest friends and relatives. After the wedding, a grand ceremony to honor their union took place. 

Candace and George are the parents of four beautiful children and enjoy their part as devoted parents. Their family is the basis of their happiness and brings them immense joy. In a recent interview, George said, “My children and wife are the biggest sources of my strength and motivation; my family is everything to me”.

He gives preference to keep personal life private and away from the eyes of the public. That is why he provides little information regarding his family, maintaining stability and focusing on their health. 

Age, Height, and Weight

The entrepreneur and businessman George Farmer is 34 years old. He is five feet 180 centimeters or 11 inches tall and weighs about 80 kilograms or 176 pounds. He has dark brown eyes and light brown hair. 

Professional life of George Farmer 

Unlike many others, George Farmer did not enter a regular job career because of his high social status. However, he launched several business ventures using the limited funds he was given and the abilities and information he had learned in business school. 

As a result, George Farmer has an excellent understanding of what functions well and what doesn’t. These abilities and his pre-existing intelligence would eventually enable him to manage several firms simultaneously. 

Due to his involvement in politics with the Donald Trump team throughout both elections for president, George Farmer gained particular attention. Following his marriage to Candace Owens, a longtime Trump supporter, he too started speaking out and being passionate about the Republican candidate. 

George Farmer Net worth

George Farmer’s impressive net worth is about $240 million. His successful business ventures and influential role as chairman of Turning Point UK’s board of directors are the sources of his fortune. He and his partner Candace constitute an impressive combination of strong connections to politics and a noteworthy influence on public life in the United States.

He holds the variation of becoming the youngest member of the respected Leader’s Group, an outstanding upper class in the United Kingdom society. This success highlights his financial status and achievement within the circle of wealthy people. His wealth shows his position and achievements and makes him a prominent personality in the political and business worlds.

NameGeorge Farmer 
Networth$240 million
Inheritance$70 million
Annual earning$39 million
Stock collection$110 million

George Farmer property

George Farmer has more than 15 houses and real estate assets in Germany, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. He has invested in multiple US-based media sources and a private aircraft with six seats at an auction he purchased. 

George Farmer Financial Achievements

 George Farmer’s financial success and appreciable net worth are evidence of his business intelligence and ability to overcome the challenges of the economic world. Through his investment strategies and business ventures, he has proven that he can achieve significant financial growth and collect impressive wealth.  

According to George, “I believe Financial achievement comes from smart judgment, an excellent sense of profitable opportunities, and hard work”. 

Red Kite Group 

George Famer started Red Kite Group with the help of a few partners, a copper production corporation aimed at solving specific market issues. In the first 24 working months, he led the company to great success. 

In 2006, this company transferred its focus from copper production to a lucrative industry. With its superior industry knowledge, the company successfully trades future contracts of copper in the market. 

Popular Alt-Tech Site, Parler’s CEO

A social networking service that allows users to discuss and share current events and news is called Parler. In 2018, it was founded by Jared Thompson and John Matze Jr., along with George Farmer as CEO in 2021. Many people explore the site as conservative Twitter and as a place of refuge for conspiracy enthusiasts and extreme right-wingers.

As of January, Parler had approximately 15 million users. This website was famous among the supporters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the 2020 US presidential election. Following the election in November 2020, Parler was blocked by Google, Apple, and Amazon for allegedly breaking their terms of service by encouraging violence.

Timeline of George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer’s net worth 2018 reached $150 million; his wealth collection journey was an impressive beginning. In 2019, he had born $170 million in wealth. His net worth reached $185 million by 2020, demonstrating continued economic prosperity and growth.

His net worth in 2021 approached $210 million, which shows that his income is increasing gradually. In 2022, he achieved total earnings of $220 million, further stabilizing his financial standing. His continued financial success reached $240 million in 2023, which is impressive growth. 


A British Entrepreneur, CEO of the Parler site, and political activist, he belongs to a royal family with a strong political background. From an early age, he developed a keen interest in conservative politics. In the financial technology sector, he led multiple successful businesses. 

As an entrepreneur, his experience has provided valuable observations into the connection between politics, business, and economics. In conclusion, his wealth is a reward for his hard work & due to his successful business journey, investments, political career, and social media appearance.

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