Brandon Fugal Net Worth: Entrepreneur’s Gigantic Empire

Are you looking to unleash the gigantic business empire of a renowned entrepreneur? Brandon Fugal net worth stands at $800 million, which shows the remarkable journey of investment and income. He owns the directorship of real estate investment and co-founded the software company.

These ventures have embarked him on a great journey of excellence in the form of huge revenue. In addition, Brandon’s interest in technological innovation has resulted in positive growth that has contributed significantly.

Besides these tech innovations, commercial real estate endeavors are also noteworthy in the triumph of the businessperson. In this article, we have collected detailed information on Brandon’s investments, total assets, and current ventures. 

Who is Brandon Fugal?

Brandon D. Fugal, an accomplished American entrepreneur and investor, has made a name for himself in the real estate sector. Fugal was honored with the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Utah. Besides just a business venture, he is recognized as a television director.

As a key figure in the business world, he has recognition as a successful businessperson. Besides his ventures in various investments, he appeared on the History Channel’s show. Moreover, Brandon’s current ventures has led to brilliant personal and business successes.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth$800 million
Full NameBrandon D. Fugal
Date of BirthApril 1, 1973
Age51 years
Height5′ 10″
WifeLacey Anne Fugal

Brandon Fugal Net Worth

The renowned business tycoon has touched new heights by crossing the milestone of $800 million. The reason for this big move is the active contributions of the businessperson in the form of immense investments. Brandon started with the average initiative by introducing innovations in the business sector. Collaboration with the different technical brands has greatly contributed to the existing potential.

Early Life

Brandon Daniel Fugal, born on April 1, 1973, hails from Utah. Jill, Daniel Fugal, and Brandon are his brothers, and they grew up under the supervision of their parents. Matthew Fugal, his sibling, serves as the COO at Aero Dynamic Jets, while Cameron Fugal, boasting over 30 years of aviation experience, is a professional pilot. Another brother, Patrick Fugal, pursues a career in acting.

Brandon Education

Brandon joined Pleasant High School before pursuing a business degree at Utah Valley University. In addition, his passion for real estate emerged early, and at 18, he obtained his real estate license, marking the start of his professional journey. Focusing on office brokerage, Brandon engaged with industry leaders, including CEOs.

Personal Life

Brandon D. Fugal’s personal life is not openly shared with the fans. He married Lacey Anne for many years. Brandon has the youngest daughter, whereas his sons’ names are Hunter and Chase, and his daughter remains in Ireland. Hunter, an eager Christian, spent two years in São Paulo, Brazil, on a mission for the Church.

Brandon is married to Kristen Fugal, with whom he tied the knot in 2021. Their relationship’s beginnings are unknown, but both attended Utah Valley University. In their time at university, they developed a sense of mutual understanding. 

At the university, Kristen initially followed general studies before shifting to literature and later went into law in the late 1990s. She now serves as the Legal Affairs Director at Real Estate, the company led by Brandon Fugal.

Brandon Fugal Career

Brandon Fugal’s path to significant wealth began in 1994 when he joined Grubb & Ellis Company as a senior vice president. This company is among the largest commercial real estate services firms in the U.S. Fugal dedicated three years and eight months to Grubb & Ellis.

Brandon Fugal has been associated with CBC Advisors and Zenerchi LLC throughout his career. He co-founded Texas Growth Fund, which invests in immigrant investors, and serves as a board member and advisor at JUMP by Limitless Flight.

Besides owning Colliers International, Fugal controls Adamantium, through which he acquired Skinwalker Ranch. He is also a Pōmaika’i Partners, LLC managing partner and a strategic advisor at Xenter Inc. Furthermore, Fugal co-founded and sits on the board of Axcend and manages Evermore Investments.

Brandon’s Significant Successes

Brandon Fugal has cultivated a prolific career in real estate, gathering considerable wealth along the way. His business acumen has earned him numerous honors, highlighting his significant achievements. Here are some of his most prominent recognitions.

In 2017, Utah Valley BusinessQ magazine honored Brandon Fugal as the Entrepreneur of the Year. As a creative real estate developer, he has established several companies and Coldwell Commercial Advisors. He is consistently listed among the Top 25 Real Estate Brokerages in the U.S. by publications such as The Commercial Executive.

Brandon Fugal’s interest in the mystic acquired Skinwalker Ranch. In 2020, he served as the executive producer for the systematic research series, which achieved significant success and was well-received by both mystic enthusiasts and skeptics.

Brandon Fugal’s Income Resources

Brandon Fugal’s wealth primarily stems from his successful real estate ventures. Moreover, the real estate tycoon has collected a substantial social media following, contributing to his income. He generates additional revenue through profitable drives, donations, and various projects.

In 2020, Fugal leveraged his ownership of Skinwalker Ranch to film the Skinwalker Ranch series. This venture provided him with multiple income streams, as he owned the location and served as the show’s executive producer.

Skinwalker Ranch Investments

One of Brandon Fugal’s most remarkable real estate ventures is Skinwalker Ranch. Although it was a valuable real estate acquisition, Brandon purchased the 512-acre property for reasons beyond traditional development; he was driven by a desire to investigate its reputed mystical phenomena. In 2016, Fugal acquired the ranch from aerospace giant Robert Bigelow.

After enhancing the ranch’s security, Fugal kept its activities under wraps until 2020. The ranch is renowned not only for its paranormal occurrences but also for frequent UFO sightings. The show’s narrative is crafted to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, anticipating extraordinary revelations in each episode.

Brandon’s Real Estate Venture

In addition to Brandon’s real estate ventures, he owns several properties, including the Skinwalker Ranch, which he purchased from aerospace Robert Bigelow for $1 billion in 2016. The ranch has gained considerable fame due to two films shot there.

Hunt for the Skinwalker, a 127-minute documentary, was released in 2018, and Brandon Fugal’s series premiered on the History Channel in 2020. While the ranch is a valuable real estate asset, it has also generated significant revenue for Fugal through these documentaries. He served as the executive producer for his television series.

Luxury Cars

Brandon Fugal boasts an impressive collection of automobiles, including a Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. The real estate tycoon has a private jet and a helicopter. Fugal’s library is equally remarkable, containing rare literary and historical pieces. 

In addition, it houses some of the earliest scriptural printings, religious works, and Shakespeare’s writings. Additionally, his collection features the History of Stonehenge, acquired from King Charles II of the U.K.

Brandon Fugal Religion

The Fugals are devoted members of the Latter-Day Saints. Brandon, born and raised in a Christian household, has continued to uphold these values in his family. His parents instilled Christian principles in Brandon and his siblings, and he has passed these on to his children.

Among his children, Hunter is the most heartfelt. He undertook a two-year mission with the Church in São Paulo, Brazil. Although Brandon doesn’t frequently publicize his faith, his Christian values guide his life. This spiritual foundation may also influence his explorations at Skinwalker Ranch, reflecting his strong belief in a high basis.

Charitable Deeds

Besides actively participating in different companies and investments, he is famous for donating money to needy people. Not only does he donate passionately, but his wife is also pretty caring and believes in charity as a sacred way of spending assets. Both of them have a mutual understanding of contributing to different charity organizations.

Social Media Accounts

Brandon Fugal’s social media access marks a sublime approach where followers increase daily. He uses various platforms to share his posts in the social community. 

Social PlatformsHandlesFollowers


American entrepreneur and owner of the renowned Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal, has amassed a net worth of $800 million. His primary income source is his real estate businesses, with additional earnings from his 2020 series, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, where he served as an on-screen presence and executive producer.

Brandon Fugal also leverages his substantial social media following to boost his net worth, generating extra income through commercials and promotional activities. Besides various business ventures, he keenly participates in charitable deeds. Moreover, his wealth and miscellaneous assets will likely rise due to his committed working legacies.

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