Scrub Daddy Net Worth: Shark Tank & Company Revenue

Scrub Daddy net worth will inspire entrepreneurs and consumers by unveiling the cleaning products and total revenue potential, estimated at over $300 million. The company is renowned for its specially shaped-cleaning products, which are equally popular among consumers and distributors. After a shark tank venture, the business observed a substantial return increase. 

Scrub Daddy Net Worth

Scrub Daddy’s earnings touched around $300 million. Its sales and overall revenue surge can be traced back to its dazzling debut on Shark Tank. But what was Scrub Daddy’s value pre-Shark Tank? A modest $1 million.

Since its TV spotlight, the company has moved over 10 million units, racking up a staggering $50 million in sales. Equally important, this venture indicates the solid basis of business innovations.

What is Scrub Daddy?

Scrub Daddy company specializes in crafting various cleaning items, but its claim to fame lies in its cheerful-faced sponges. Established in 2012, it swiftly rose to prominence thanks to its flagship creation. The iconic Scrub Daddy sponge boasts a friendly, smiley shape and is crafted from a gentle material ideal for flat and smooth surfaces. 

In addition, the typical sponges rely on nylon, cellulose, or polyester; Scrub Daddy stands out with its polymer composition, allowing it to adapt its texture based on water temperature. For instance, the sponge’s inventor designed it to soften under hot water and firm up when chilled. Moreover, the product quality has attracted numerous consumers worldwide due to its versatility.

Scrub Daddy Net Worth$300 million
Company NameScrub Daddy
ProductionCleaning Products
Company NaturePrivate
OwnerAaron Krause
Business VentureShark Tank
QualityAesthetic & Versatile
Raw MaterialPolyester, Cellulose, and Nylon

Scrub Daddy’s Owner

The brain behind the operation is Aaron Krause, a seasoned inventor and entrepreneur with over two decades of expertise in innovations and producing groundbreaking products. Holding a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Syracuse University, he graduated in 1992 and promptly delved into the entrepreneurial realm. 

In 1993, his inaugural venture, Dedication to Detail, Inc., took flight, marking the onset of his entrepreneurial journey. After dedicating over sixteen years to this initial endeavor, Aaron Krause ventured into his second enterprise, Ion Tech Wear. 

However, it’s his third and current venture, Scrub Daddy, that has surpassed all expectations. Since its appearance in May 2012, Aaron Krause has steered the ship as its president and CEO, driving its unprecedented success.

Scrub Daddy Shark Tank Venture

On the hit show Shark Tank, the creator of Scrub Daddy made a bold pitch, seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% share in his company. Aaron expressed his ambition to propel Scrub Daddy’s growth and establish a dedicated manufacturing facility for his product line. His presentation captivated most of the Sharks, sparking fierce competition for a slice of the venture. 

However, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec swiftly withdrew from the running. Eventually, Aaron sealed a deal with Lori Greiner, emerging victorious from the Shark Tank with her backing. The question arises about Lori Greiner’s total investment in Scrub Daddy, where the lady devoted $200,000 to 20% ownership of this renowned brand.

Shark Tank’s Previous Era

Aaron encountered a setback when he unintentionally scratched his car during a cleaning session. However, one of his most brilliant ideas emerged from this mishap, leading him to develop his line of buffing and polishing pads. 

Despite 3M, a global powerhouse, acquiring the company in August 2008, they opted not to pursue Aaron’s sponge innovations, allowing him to retain ownership of the smiley face sponge concept under his own company. 

Fast forward five years, Aaron found a new use for the surplus sponges, employing them to tidy up his outdoor furniture and dishes. Lastly, during this experiment, he stumbled upon the remarkable property of the sponges: their firmness adjusted in response to water temperature.

Post Shark Tank Era

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, the company flew to a revenue exceeding $100 million by January 2017, solidifying its status as the show’s most lucrative success story. By December 2021, sales of the iconic happy face sponge surpassed 10 million units, surpassing $50 million in revenue. Towards the conclusion of 2019, the company’s value skyrocketed to $209 million, driven by robust business data and revenue streams. 

Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner revealed that the company amassed over $75 million in sales within three years of its televised debut. Moreover, the company expanded its operational footprint, transitioning from a modest 5,000-square-foot facility to a sprawling 80,000-square-foot space.

Additionally, Aaron fielded inquiries from retail giants ShopRite and Bed Bath and Beyond, swiftly striking deals with both. Meanwhile, Lori Greiner orchestrated strategic partnerships with retail titans Target, Staples, and Ace Hardware.

Scrub Daddy’s Quick Facts

If you have the question, how much profit did Lori Greiner reap from her investment in Scrub Daddy? Lori Greiner pocketed a handsome sum exceeding $9 million from her stake in Scrub Daddy. The Scrub Daddy brand is undoubtedly the most successful entity showcased on Shark Tank. 

Scrub Daddy amassed a staggering revenue surpassing $209 million. Who leads Scrub Daddy’s helm? Aaron Krause, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, serves as the CEO of Scrub Daddy. Who claims ownership of Scrub Daddy? While 3M holds ownership of Scrub Daddy, the line of innovative sponges remains firmly under the purview of its inventor, Aaron Krause.

In recent years, Scrub Daddy’s value has surged, a testament to Aaron Krause’s unwavering dedication and perseverance. His journey from a modest car wash business to a leading provider of vehicle buffing pads in the United States resonates as a beacon of inspiration. 

Renowned for its innovative adult wrap, the Sleep Pod, Hug Sleep founders Matt and Angie Kupper pitched their concept on Shark Tank, securing vital funding. Since gracing the Shark Tank stage, Hug Sleep has witnessed remarkable sales and net worth growth. Initially fixed at $1.5 million, the company’s estimated value has skyrocketed to over $5 million.

The Visionary Leadership and Support

At the helm of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause showcased his visionary judgment, identifying a niche for a vehicle-friendly cleaning solution. Thus, the birth of the smiley face sponge resonated with consumers and set Scrub Daddy apart in a competitive market landscape. The pivotal backing and investment from Lori Greiner during their Shark Tank supply proved instrumental in propelling the company towards success.

Roadmap to Success

Before its Shark Tank debut, Scrub Daddy existed in relative irrelevance. Yet, the spotlight and financial backing provided by Lori Greiner catapulted the company into prominence. Since then, Scrub Daddy has emerged as a dominant force in the sponge market segment, consistently experiencing notable expansion.

Scrub Daddy Business Innovation

The trajectory of Scrub Daddy’s triumph underscores the potency of innovation coupled with analysis of marketing tactics. The platform is evidenced by the company’s accumulation of various praises, notably the esteemed Product of the Year honor for cleaning tools. Further, Scrub Daddy has garnered acclaim from esteemed publications like The New York Times and Forbes.


In short, Shark Tank served as the launching pad for Scrub Daddy’s rise to prominence. Scrub Daddy net worth has touched the handsome value of $310 million, and it has solidified its reputation for captivating consumers with its innovative cleaning solutions. Spearheaded by Aaron Krause and strengthened by investor Lori Greiner’s backing, Scrub Daddy has etched its name as a household favorite and frontrunner. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and creativity, Scrub Daddy is well-informed for further triumphs in the predictable future.

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