Will Arnett Net Worth: A Career Glance of Actor

The career journey and achievements of the renowned actor and comedian will amaze you, especially when you are curious about Will Arnett net worth, which is around $45 million. Besides appearing on television shows, he plays a role in films, adopting different characters.

More importantly, his voice-over artist role remained prominent, especially in animated series. This Canadian-born actor has established a legendary presence in Hollywood by adopting a unique style that combines sharp sarcasm and flawless timing.

However, his comedic brilliance is not his only remarkable attribute, and his substantial net worth also highlights his long-lasting success in the entertainment world.

Who is Will Arnett?

Will Arnett is a versatile character who performed various roles in TV shows, films, and series as an actor and comedian. He was born on May 4, 1970, in Toronto, Canada, and is the son of Emerson James Arnett and Edith.

Besides shows and fun activities, he polished his skills as a voice-over artist by uttering different dialogues and famous funny scripts. 

Will Arnett Net Worth$45 million
NameWill Arnett
Full NameWilliam Emerson Arnett
Date of BirthMay 4, 1970
Height6′ 2″
SpousesPenelope Ann Miller (1994-95), Amy Poehler (2003-2016)
GirlfriendAlessandra Brawn (2019-onwards)
Will Arnett Kids3
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Voice Over Artist
ParentsJames Arnett and Edith
InvestmentsReal Estate

Early Life

During his teenage years, Arnett’s mother encouraged him to pursue acting, leading him to audition for commercials and cultivate a passion for the craft. Later, he became interested and started appearing as an actor in TV shows and series. 

In his early days, he was enrolled in academic institutes where he got basic behavior and character-building training. Under the supervision of his parents, he embarked on the starting journey, which was his initial experience before coming into practical life.

Educational Journey of Will Arnett

After completing high school, Will enrolled at Lakefield College School in Lakefield, Ontario, but was expelled after one semester due to his troublesome behavior.

He was later expelled from Concordia University in Montreal and relocated to New York in 1990 to study at the Film Institute and Lee Strasberg Theatre. The disqualifications from different academic institutes disturbed his education and left a permanent mark on his educational journey. 

Personal Life

Arnett’s first marriage to Penelope Ann Miller ended in divorce just a month after their wedding. In 2000, he began a relationship with actress Amy Poehler. The couple married in 2003 and collaborated on various projects, together with “Arrested Development,” “Blades of Glory,” and “Parks and Recreation.”  Arnett and his wife are parents of two children. 

Announcing their separation in 2012, they finalized their divorce in 2016. In June 2020, it was revealed that Will Arnett’s girlfriend, Alessandra Brawn, had given birth to his third son.

Professional Life of Will Arnett

Will started in 1996 by appearing in his first TV venture and as the protagonist in another show in 1999. After just a few episodes, he faced the show’s cancelation, which hurt him. After developing self-courage, he became successful in achieving a role in the Commercial Broadcasting Service in 2001.

Moreover, he got the cast member role in CBS for the fourth time in a television cast. In 2003, Arnett took on the role of Gob Bluth, the flamboyant, hapless magician and eldest son of the chaotic Bluth family in the critically acclaimed series “Arrested Development.”

His depiction of the self-centered, often oblivious Gob swiftly won over fans, with Arnett’s perfect comedic timing and serious acting make him a standout in every scene. Moreover, Will performed in a magician TV series for kids in 2006.

Age, Height, and Weight

If you are looking for the answer to this query, how tall is Will Arnett? Well, as far as Will Arnett’s standing is concerned, he has a good height of six feet two inches taller with a decent personality look. In 2024, he reached the age of fifty-four years, as he was born in 1970.

Moreover, Will has a weight range of nearly 75kg, which is appropriate for his height. He focuses on his diet and weight balance due to his performance. 

Will Arnett Net Worth

Will Arnett’s net worth has reached impressive heights of $45 million. His wealth empire has further potential to increase in the upcoming era. Will played different roles in films and TV shows, bringing him a lot of revenue in blockbuster performances. He has investments in real estate and different business projects, which are gradually increasing. 

Will purchased a home in Beverly Hills for $2.85 million in 2013. He demolished it and constructed a four-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot, modern house. Arnett listed this property in June 2020 for $11 million but later took it off the market, opting to live there himself. In early 2021, he sold the house for under $8 million. By August 2021, Will had bought another home in Beverly Hills, paying $16.4 million.

Social Media Profiles

Will Arnett shares social ventures with his followers using famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has immense response and followership on social channels, where people share their feedback by commenting and liking the posts. Below are social handles that help you access these sources as a regular follower.

Instagram: @arnettwill

Facebook: @WillArnett

Twitter: @arnettwill

Miscellaneous Ventures

  • Given below are some prominent ventures that helped in raising Will Arnett’s career glance:
  • Will Arnett movies and TV shows play a role in versatility?
  • Voice-over performance in various animated movies and TV series.
  • Diverse sponsorship and deals. 
  • Production expenses on various projects.

One of his most profitable ventures includes earning approximately $100,000 per episode for his role in “Arrested Development.” Moreover, his vocal sound work as BoJack Horseman reportedly brought in $200,000 per episode during the show’s later seasons.

Luxurious Fortune

Arnett’s path to a substantial net worth is a story of persistence and smart career choices. With a considerable fortune, it’s unsurprising that Arnett leads a lavish lifestyle. His notable expenses include:

Luxurious Vehicles: His garage features luxury vehicles, including a Tesla and a Porsche.

Real Estate Venture: Will owns New York, Canada, and Beverly Hills properties.

Welfare Deeds: Supports numerous purposes, such as environmental organizations and animal welfare.

Reason for Will Arnett Fame

Will Arnett’s rise to fame is credited to his remarkable comedic skills and memorable roles, highlighting his distinct humor. Although he had been active in the entertainment industry since the mid-1990s, his standout performance in the cult favorite sitcom “Arrested Development” catapulted him to widespread recognition.

With a host of future projects, together with the eagerly awaited “The Lego Movies” and “Twisted Metal” TV series, his net worth is set to keep growing. He may not be able to attain the status of billionaire, but his wealth is expected to gain further.


In conclusion, Will Arnett net worth is evidence of his comedic brilliance, strategic career choices, and unwavering commitment to entertainment. He started his early life in Toronto by appearing as a Hollywood giant.

Furthermore, Arnett’s journey is an inspiring reminder that with talent, hard work, and humor. However, one might wonder about the financial empire amidst his towering achievements. 

From his unforgettable portrayal of Gob Bluth in the cult hit “Arrested Development” to lending his voice to the morose BoJack Horseman, Arnett’s performances have consistently left audiences in fits of laughter. Moreover, he has a significant number of followers on social media platforms. 

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