Erik Horbacz Net Worth: From Beginnings to Success

Erik Horbacz is known for his remarkable achievements and qualities as an entrepreneur and leader, particularly in the food and leisure industry in North Carolina. He is the founder and the CEO of StoolDuel Inc., a company that offers an innovative loyalty and rewards program through an app used in clubs, taverns, pubs, restaurants, and bars.

This app combines gaming, dining, and drinking experiences or rewards users for participating. Horbacz’s success with StoolDuel is a testament to his business acumen, creativity, and ability to crowdfund his ventures effectively.

His journey began after graduating from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in finance and economics, after which he embarked on his entrepreneurial path. He also founded Bandwagon Technologies and Might as Well Bar and Grill.

His approach to business is marked by a blend of passion, creativity, and a strong understanding of what consumers find engaging and exciting. This combination has enabled him to bring innovative ideas to effecting successfully.

Full Name Erik Horbacz
Nick NameEric Horbacz
Date Of BirthApril 1984
WeightIn Feet: 6’1″
HeightIn Kilograms: 70 Kg
EducationBS Economics & Finance
UniversityCoastal Carolina University
FounderStool Duel

Horbacz’s personality traits play a significant role in his success. He is recognized for his kindness and ability to be nice to people, which he considers crucial in business. However, he also acknowledges the importance of developing a stern side when necessary. His love for the food, beverage, or leisure industry, creative approach, and business insight have made him respected. Horbacz believes in blending traditional business practices with modern technology to stay relevant and exciting, as evidenced by his successful ventures like StoolDuel.

Eric Horbacz’s story is about passion, innovation, and effective leadership, making him noteworthy in his field. His success story serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

Erik Horbacz’s Net Worth

Erik Horbacz is an American serial entrepreneur known for founding Bandwagon Technologies, StoolDuel, and Might as Well Bar and Grill. He has a background in finance and economics from Coastal Carolina University and experience in the food and beverage, entertainment, and software industries.

Erik Horbacz’s commitment and effort have been fruitful, leading to an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. This significant financial achievement highlights his prowess as an entrepreneur and an investor. Even with his notable success, Horbacz remains humble and goal-oriented, inspiring budding entrepreneurs aiming for similar career accomplishments.

Here are some Annual financial figures approx. 1-year income of Erik Horbacz.

Net Worth$ 5 Million
Yearly Revenue$ 250 K
Monthly Revenue$ 21 K
Daily Income$ 700

Bandwagon Technologies, founded in January 2018, creates social games for bars and restaurants. Might as Well Bar and Grill, established in July 2009, is a sports bar with three locations in North Carolina. Recent Forbes and Business Insider reports suggest Erik Horbacz’s net worth exceeds several million dollars. His financial gains and popularity steadily grow, making him increasingly well-known in various circles.

Some yearly figures of the famous entrepreneur’s net worth are given below.

Financial YearsNet Worth In Millions
2019$ 23
2020$ 23.5
2021$ 24
2022$ 24.5

Early Life and Education

Erik Horbacz was born in the United States into a family that was not initially wealthy. During a significant historical period, his family managed resources to support his education. Balancing career and family needs, he worked hard to fund his son’s college.

Horbacz later moved to another city for further education. He shared a close bond with his siblings growing up. Publicly known, Horbacz has been married for a long time and has several children who bear his surname.

Erik Horbacz’s educational journey began at home. He received his early education there before completing preschool and earning a degree. After high school, where he took college-level courses that greatly benefited his professional life, he pursued higher education and earned a university diploma.

The knowledge and skills he acquired throughout his educational journey significantly influenced his later life and career, leading him to attain multiple degrees that have contributed to his current professional standing.

Erik Horbacz Wife

Erik Horbacz, a notable figure, has been in a committed relationship with Eva Lovia for a long time. The couple eventually got married in a splendid ceremony following years of togetherness. Their journey together, marked by mutual support through various challenges, has inspired many.

In every aspect of life, personal and professional, Erik and Eva have steadfastly supported each other. Their marriage, a grand event celebrated by their families and close friends, symbolizes the strength of their love and the overcoming of all hurdles.

Career Overview

His career reflects a blend of innovation in the food, beverage, entertainment, and software industries. Here are some of the key features and the description of Erik’s horseback career are given below:

Professional Beginnings

He has a background in finance and economics from Coastal Carolina University. This education likely provided a foundation for his entrepreneurial ventures. A focus on innovation and entrepreneurship has marked Horbacz’s early career. 

They are leading to establishing businesses in the food, beverage, and technology sectors. For a more comprehensive understanding of his professional start, further details must be sourced from more specific biographical or career-focused publications.

Key Achievements

Erik Horbacz’s key achievements center around his entrepreneurial ventures. He founded Bandwagon Technologies, a company that creates social games for bars and restaurants, enhancing the colonial experience in these settings.

Additionally, he established StoolDuel, a related business in the entertainment sector. Horbacz is also known for founding Might as Well Bar and Grill, a popular sports bar with several locations in North Carolina. These achievements reflect his innovation and success in the food, beverage, entertainment, and software industries.

Current Projects

Erik Horbacz is a creative problem solver, visionary entertainer, and sharp-minded investor with experience in e-learning, distribution, content creation, marketing, and other reliable fields.
Erik has recently shown interest in investing in DAOs, brick-and-mortar SMBs, mobile gaming, DeFi, Web3(blockchain tech), neuroscience and psychological tech, and personal growth programs. He sees the scope and marketplace for investing with better strategies to enhance his business skills with multiple risk-taking options.

Notable Works

His career reflects a blend of innovation in the food, beverage, entertainment, and software industries. These businesses highlight his innovative contributions to the food, beverage, and entertainment industries. Some of their notable works and his important appearances make him a prominent personality, and here I will describe some of his key works.


Erik often highlights the importance of leadership and collaboration in achieving meaningful change. He shares his experiences leading and collaborating with organizations and individuals to address complex challenges.

Erik’s presentations often touch on personal growth, empowerment, and finding one’s purpose. He shares insights into how individuals can positively impact and find fulfillment through their actions.

Erik Horbacz’s presentations often contain motivational and inspirational messages, urging individuals and organizations to take action and make a difference in the world.

Media Appearances

Eric Horbacz, a famous entrepreneur and investor, is active on various social media platforms. Here are some of his known social media profiles:

  • Twitter: Erik Horbacz’s Twitter profile has 368 followers and three subscriptions. Horbacz is active on this platform with the handle name @ErikHorbacz. He shares posts about investing opportunities, technology scope, and other social life experiences.
  • Instagram: Erik Horbacz’s Instagram profile has over 15k followers. Where he posts about his casual and social life photos and some tech-related reels.
  • Facebook: Erik Horbacz’s Facebook profile has over 1.9k friends. He shares some social experiences and opinions here.
  • LinkedIn: Erik Horbacz’s LinkedIn profile has over 500 connections and 1k followers. He creates a strong CV here, and excessive information about him is mentioned.

Influence and Impact

Erik Horbacz’s influence and impact stem from his entrepreneurial endeavors. His contributions to the business world, particularly in technology, entertainment, and hospitality, showcase his innovative thinking by founding companies like Bandwagon Technologies and Might as Well Bar and Grill.

Horbacz has demonstrated a talent for understanding market needs and creating solutions that resonate with consumers. His ventures contribute to the economy and influence social gaming and hospitality trends, underscoring his role as a dynamic and impactful figure in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Industry Contributions

Erik Horbacz has made notable contributions to several industries, primarily technology, entertainment, and hospitality. Through innovative ventures like Bandwagon Technologies, he has influenced how social games are integrated into bars and restaurants, enhancing customer engagement.

His establishment of Might as Well Bar and Grill showcases his impact in the hospitality sector, creating popular social spaces. His diverse ventures demonstrate his ability to blend technology with customer experience, making significant strides in each industry he touches.

Community Engagement

Erik Horbacz is actively engaged in various community activities and initiatives. His commitment to community engagement is a significant part of his advocacy and philanthropic efforts. Erik often takes on leadership roles within nonprofit organizations. He may serve on the charities or foundations’ boards, helping guide their strategies and decision-making processes. 

His expertise and dedication contribute to the success of these organizations. Erik actively participates in volunteer work, dedicating his time and energy to support local community projects. Whether assisting in food drives, participating in cleanup efforts, or volunteering at local shelters, he understands the importance of giving back to his community.

Erik Horbacz’s community engagements reflect his dedication to positively impacting the lives of those around him. He understands that strong, vibrant communities are built on active participation and a commitment to addressing local challenges and opportunities.

Awards and Recognition

In recognition of his outstanding contributions and dedication to community engagement and volunteer management, Erik Horbacz has been honored with the CED-VMS award. This prestigious honor celebrates his exceptional commitment to promoting volunteerism and enhancing community development. Erik’s tireless efforts in this field have earned him this well-deserved recognition, underscoring his significant impact on the community and volunteer management initiatives.

Personal Philosophy

Erik Horbacz’s philosophy is rooted in a deep commitment to making a meaningful and positive impact on the world. Erik believes that life gains its entire meaning when it is lived with purpose. He sees his purpose as contributing to the betterment of society and helping those in need. This purpose drives his actions and decisions in his personal and professional life.

Central to Erik’s philosophy is a profound sense of compassion and empathy for others. He understands that everyone faces challenges and believes in treating all individuals with kindness and understanding. This empathy informs his advocacy and philanthropic work as he strives to alleviate the suffering of those less fortunate.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Erik Horbacz and his wife are engaged in various media initiatives to benefit communities, including live television shows, online streaming content, social media initiatives, and philanthropic activities.

Horbacz is an alumnus of Coastal Carolina University, holding a degree in finance and economics. Moreover, his academic pursuits have extended into studying psychology, physiology, philosophy, behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and various business-related topics.

Advocacy and Philanthropy

Erik Horbacz is a notable figure known for his advocacy and philanthropic efforts. His commitment to positively impacting society has earned him recognition and respect within the community. Let’s take a closer look at his work in advocacy and philanthropy.

Advocacy: Erik Horbacz passionately advocates for various social and humanitarian causes. He dedicates his time and resources to raising awareness and supporting initiatives addressing pressing issues.

Whether advocating for environmental conservation, social justice, or healthcare reform, Erik is known for his tireless efforts to bring about positive change. He collaborates with like-minded individuals and organizations to amplify his advocacy efforts and create a broader impact.

Philanthropy: Erik’s philanthropic endeavors are a testament to his commitment to giving back to the community. He understands the importance of using his resources to improve the lives of others.

Erik donates to charitable organizations and foundations aligning with his values and mission. His philanthropic contributions have significantly impacted various areas, such as education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation.

Future Outlook

Eric Horbacz’s future outlook on research may involve continued support for research initiatives that align with his interests and values. This could include funding research projects on social and environmental issues or other causes he is passionate about.

Given the rapid advancements in AI technology, Eric may be interested in how AI can be leveraged for social good and ethical purposes. His future outlook might involve exploring AI applications in healthcare, education, or sustainability.

The concept of Web 3, which emphasizes decentralization and blockchain technology, is evolving. Eric’s future outlook may involve monitoring developments in this space and considering how Web 3 can contribute to greater transparency, security, and fairness in various industries.

Eric’s future outlook on psychedelics could involve continued advocacy for responsible research and therapeutic use of psychedelics. He may support initiatives that explore the potential benefits of psychedelics (powerful psychoactive substances) in mental health treatment and consciousness exploration while emphasizing safety and regulation.


Erik Horbacz is a dynamic entrepreneur whose ventures span technology, entertainment, and hospitality. For a comprehensive understanding of his involvement in community initiatives, one would need to refer to his personal or professional profiles or interviews and articles where he might discuss his community-focused work. 

Horbacz’s innovative approach in creating companies like Bandwagon Technologies and Might as Well Bar and Grill highlights his skill in recognizing and fulfilling market needs. His entrepreneurial ventures suggest a potential for community impact, but specific details about his direct community engagements are not readily accessible in the public domain.

While specific details on his community engagement and personal achievements are not extensively documented, his professional journey reflects a commitment to innovation and customer experience. Horbacz is a testament to the impact of entrepreneurial vision and adaptability in diverse industries.

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