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Jordan Counsel

Jordan Counsel

Movie Enthusiast


Film Criticism – Production Experience – Academic Research


Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from UOL


Jordan Counsel is a cinephile and film enthusiast with a deep love for movies of all genres. With a background in film studies and a passion for storytelling, he has a keen eye for dissecting the intricacies of the cinematic world. Jordan’s articles delve into the world of movies, offering reviews, recommendations, and insights that cater to a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re into action-packed blockbusters or indie gems, Jordan’s articles will guide you to your next favorite film.


  • Cinephile and film enthusiast with a passion for storytelling through cinema.
  • Extensive knowledge of various film genres and an ability to dissect narrative structures.
  • Adept at providing in-depth film reviews and thoughtful commentary.
  • Dedicated to helping readers discover hidden gems and must-see classics in cinema.


Jordan Counsel has spent over a decade exploring the world of movies and film. His experience as a film critic and writer has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the cinematic arts. Jordan’s keen eye for detail and ability to analyze and critique films have made him a respected voice in the film community.

Jordan’s writing career has encompassed a wide range of topics within the realm of cinema. He has contributed insightful reviews, analyses, and feature articles to various publications and websites. Jordan’s dedication to his craft shines through his ability to bring out the nuances of a film’s storytelling, direction, and performances.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from UOL.
  • Postgraduate studies in Film Theory and Criticism at Harvard University.

Jordan’s academic pursuits have complemented his passion for cinema, enabling him to bridge the gap between theory and practice in his film critiques and reviews. His educational background continues to influence his work, making him a valuable film analysis and criticism contributor.

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Jordan Counsel

Jordan Counsel is a passionate movie enthusiast with a keen eye for cinematic details. With years of experience in the film world, Jordan brings a unique perspective to the art of movie analysis and critique. Whether dissecting the latest blockbuster or delving into the nuances of independent cinema, Jordan's writing provides readers with insightful and engaging content. When not glued to the silver screen, Jordan enjoys exploring the world of cinema, attending film festivals, and sharing recommendations for movie lovers everywhere.